[kde-edu]: Edubuntu & kde-edu

Agustin Benito eslic at ejerciciosresueltos.com
Fri May 18 13:04:32 CEST 2007


since Edubuntu guys told me that they were making a survey of edu contens and 
apps, and since no one from kde-edu was at UDS I wanted to make sure they do 
not forget to include or study any of kde apps. That is what I was worry 
about in UDS and that is why I sent the e-mail from Edubuntu list to kde-edu 
list. I didn't know that Anne Marie was already in Edubuntu mailing list. 

Edubuntu guys made me clear that having kde (I remind you mEDUXa is a 
kde-based distro) is not a barrier for collaborating between both projects. 
That point of view is what made me send the e-mail. Of course I might be 
wrong but I want to make clear that I have no other objetive that make 
kde-edu popular and spread it as much as posible.

I think a direct contact with edubuntu to know what they want and their 
roadmap would be nice, to see if they really count with kde-edu. aKademy 
could be a good place for that although a simple IRC conversation is also a 
solution. Edubuntu is a growing project and I'm sure we can find a way of 
conneting each other. It would only take one or two hours of chatting.

We can also do that with Guadalinex (an Ubuntu based edu distro). They have 
160,000 computers in schools in Andalucía (a million students) and kde-edu is 
not on it. You can do the same with them

Agustín Benito Bethencourt
eslic at ejerciciosresueltos.com
abenito at grupocpd.com

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