[kde-edu]: Vocabulary file formats

Peter Hedlund peter at peterandlinda.com
Thu Feb 22 00:04:56 CET 2007


I am working on file format support for KDE4. Currently programs using 
vocabulary data (KVocTrain, KWordQuiz, etc) will be able to read:

1. kvtml, our own current vocabulary format.
2. wql, a format used by WordQuiz for Windows
3. voc, a format from http://www.vokabeln.de (only version 1 files)
4. xm.gz, pau.gz, a compressed xml format used by Pauker 
(http://pauker.sf.net), a cross-platform Java application
5. csv, delimited text

For delimited text, KVocTrain currently supports several different delimiters. 
This support will continue. However, I plan to remove the current 
functionality of being able to automatically rearrange the column order. For 
advanced data manipulation I believe a spreadsheet application is more 

Write support will be available for kvtml and csv.

KVocTrain in KDE 3.x.x supports some other file formats. If you know what they 
are and care for them, please let me know. Otherwise those formats are gone. 
They represent programs that even Google have a hard time finding, and I 
don't have any example files.

Now is the time to suggest support for any other file format not listed.


PS. See also the message about Spotlight

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