[kde-edu]: KAlgebra addition proposal

Aleix aleixpol at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 03:37:55 CET 2007

Hi kde-edu,
I am sending this message because I'd like to add KAlgebra into
KDE-Edu. With this intention I entered the freenode #kde-edu channel
where I was said to write a little intro about my project so you could
answer me.

KAlgebra is a calculator that has been thought to be able to represent
some graphs (cartesians 2D, polars, 3D). Its language has been build
upon MathML Content Markup Language 2.0, all the calculations are made
over MathML and I made a little parser that converted mathematic
expressions (things like 2+2 to the appropiate MathML).

You can find more info at:
	- http://kalgebra.berlios.de
	- http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=25841
	- If you want to try it:

And of course you can ask me whatever you want.
Aleix Pol (KAlgebra developer and maintainer)

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