[kde-edu]: an interview for KDE Italia

Giovanni Venturi giovanni at kde-it.org
Sat Feb 3 12:11:13 CET 2007

Hello kde-edu people,
I'd like to interview some of you to give some information on a good project 
as kde-edu is. The goal is to talk about the story of the kde-edu project... 
when was born? who creates it? how many people at the startup and how many 
now? new programs in kde4? improvements for KDE4? what do you plan?
Descibe the target users of the project. Some questions on the developers 
personal story: where you have heard of KDE first time, why you joined to 
KDE, ...
I know Ann Marie, Pino, Carsten, Albert, Eva. Are you available to receive the 
questions? Do I have to send the question here or on your personal email? 
Have you got some suggestions to avoid questions you replyed 100'000 times? 
Do I have to include some other developer in the interview? I don't follow 
kde-edu very often, so If you have suggestion are welcome. I read just about 
news in Kalzium and KmPlot last week and you published a translation of the 
The interview will be available to all of you and you can consider to post it 
where you want. The first place will be www.kde-it.org, the second one can be 
dot.kde.org .
Albert do you think I have to post the interview to  the KDE promo ml too?
I hope I didn't forget anything :) .
I'm not subscribed to this ml. Can you CC: me?
I don't know exactly how much time I can write the questions but I hope not 
more than a week :) . I wait for your response.
A KDE Italian translator and KSniffer core developer
Slackware GNU/Linux current version - kernel
KDE Italian website webmaster/sysadmin - http://www.kde-it.org/
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