[kde-edu]: KMPlot patch

Rivo Laks rivolaks at hot.ee
Fri Dec 21 17:51:22 CET 2007

Ühel kenal päeval (reede 21 detsember 2007) kirjutas Matthias Messmer:
> Hello!
> Rivo Laks wrote:
> > The attached patch hides function's derivatives and integral when the
> > function itself is hidden.
> I can think of situations when i wanted to show the derivative but not
> the function itself, for instance; a worksheet to study graphical
> integration/derivation of functions by measuring areas under the plot or
> using tangents.

I see.

For 4.1 it might then make sense to add explicit checkbox for showing the 
function itself, like ATM there are checkboxes for derivatives and integral. 
This way you could have only derivative and/or integral shown for a function 
and checkboxes in the function list would hide all the function's graphs.


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