[kde-edu]: [Avogadro-devel] possible (not sure) early kde 4.1 freeze

Geoffrey Hutchison geoff at geoffhutchison.net
Fri Dec 14 16:10:40 CET 2007

> -Marcus, Carsten, and the rest of the avogadro team: it looks like the
> avogadro integration for kalzium 4.1 might have to be done a bit  
> earlier than
> I expected.

I think Avogadro should aim to have an API/ABI freeze for Avogadro 1.0  
in early 2008, so I think that fits fine. Certainly many things are  
already done in libavogadro, so we don't need to rush.

One bit that we should do for Kalzium is to have some of the plugins  
statically linked to libavogadro. For example, the navigate tool, the  
draw tool, and the wireframe and balls-and-sticks engines should  
always be available. This should help minimize the questions about  
"why don't I see anything." At the very least, libavogadro would give  
you minimal functionality if the rest of the plugins don't load.


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