[kde-edu]: Dictionary Arabic-Dutch-English (no request, but an offer!)

Frederik Gladhorn frederik.gladhorn at gmx.de
Sun Dec 9 23:50:25 CET 2007

Hi Henk,
this is definitively not /dev/null :)
I assume you are ok with us putting it on 
http://edu.kde.org/contrib/kvtml.php .
Please do update us, that's just great.
Dictionaries made by users are our most valuable resource and we love to get 
I'll put it up just now.


El Sunday 09 December 2007, Henk van der Laak escribió:
> To whom it may concern,
> I made a small Arabic-Dutch-English dictionary (I'm native Dutch) for
> KVocTrain.
> Actually I'm adding about 100 words per week as I'm learning, but I
> thought it was sizeable enough to share it.
> See attached.
> When I reach 1000 or so, I'll update you again.
> Please someone acknowledge this by e-mail, so I'll know that I'm not
> sending this to /dev/null.
> Regards,
> Henk van der Laak.

Parley - The Vocabulary Trainer

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