[kde-edu]: [patch] KTurtle console and direction dialog

Jeff Shipley jshipley at jshipley.homelinux.net
Thu Dec 6 02:55:07 CET 2007

> Hi list,
> Today I have been using kturtle for a while, after checking stephanie's
> script.
> I liked to use it, since i used logo when i was at school and it made
> me remind of my childhood :). (I used mswlogo btw)
> After that, I made a couple of patches to fix something that annoyed me.
> - kturtle_directiondialog.diff << this patch lets the direction dialog
> work when moving the mouse inside the widget (with the mouse clicked).
> -  kturtle_consoledock.diff << this patch adds another dock that has
> an entry line and executes it when pressing enter. I used to check how
> to do things with a console like this, and it seems useful to me.
> The first one can be commited I think, the second one not, because of
> the feature and string freeze.
> Anyway, I hope someone finds it useful.
> Aleix
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I took a look at your patches. The first one was really simple, so I went
ahead and used it (great change, thanks). I took a brief look at the
second change (adding a console-type input box). I think that it would be
really nice to have, but I'm not going to check it in until after the 4.0
release. I made sure to save it for later.

Jeff Shipley

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