[kde-edu]: Untranslatable strings in kdeedu

Burkhard Lück lueck at hube-lueck.de
Mon Dec 3 21:45:49 CET 2007


there are some untranslatable strings in kdeedu apps.

Fully untranslated, messages are extracted to kiten.pot.
Inserting KGlobal::locale()->setMainCatalog("kiten"); im main.cpp does not 
work here.

Configure Practice -> Thresholds -> Word types (Noun, Male, Female,
Verb, Regular, Irregular etc. etc.)
extracted to libkdeedu, KGlobal::locale()->insertCatalog("libkdeedu"); in 
main.cpp, but no translations

"This element was discovered in the year ...".
kalzium.pot has the msgid "This element was discovered in the year 
<numid>%1</numid>.", but the translation is not visible.

Burkhard Lück

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