[kde-edu]: Marble 0.4 Release - Request for packages

Torsten Rahn torsten.rahn at credativ.de
Sun Aug 19 10:56:36 CEST 2007

Hi Everybody, 

Yesterday evening we released the Source Code of Marble 0.4


The revision that will likely be tagged and branched from (once the SVN admins 
will make it possible) is

				KDE SVN revision 701563 (Marble v.0.4.0)

Marble 0.4 is not feature complete with regard to the aim of providing a fully 
featured Atlas. But it should be very stable and is aimed for everyday usage 
already for those people where Marble suits the needs already. 

Marble 0.4 hasn't got the GSoC 2007 features enabled yet. It will be the 
primary aim of Marble 0.5 to have the work of the Google Summer of Code 2007 
students very well integrated, enabled and exposed to the user.

The KDE-Apps.org release of Marble 0.4 is mostly targeted at people who don't 
use KDE 4 yet, but still use KDE 3. On the other hand KDE 4 Beta 2 will ship 
with Marble automatically already so there isn't really anything to be done 
for  the KDE version (unless you package KDE 4 Beta 2 ;-).

So please create packages of the QTONLY version for the people who are not KDE 
developers according to the following instructions:


These instructions also contain note about how you can configure Marble to 
find its data.

I'd like to ask the packagers to create packages for their favourite operating 
system and to send me a URL with the ready made packages.

Please take note, that there is a -DWITH-DESIGNER-PLUGIN cmake switch, which 
you can build your packages with. This switch will provide an additional 
Qt-Designer-Plugin for developers.

Please also take note that Marble already comes with its own Marble library. 
This library is still in development and while it's pretty mature already 
it's certainly to early to put the library into it's own package to be 
offered for development in third party applications.

The Qt version of Marble doesn't offer translations and updated documentation 
yet. This will be enabled later on in an extra release.

If you should need to apply fixes to the source code / CMakeLists.txt files to 
get the application running and packaged please notify us and send us 

I will be in Denmark with no internet access today so if questions should 
arise please direct them to our mailing list marble-devel at kde.org.

Best Regards,


 Torsten Rahn

 Tel.: 0 21 61 - 46 43 - 192

credativ GmbH, HRB Mönchengladbach 12080
Hohenzollernstr. 133, 41061 Mönchengladbach
Geschäftsführung: Dr. Michael Meskes, Jörg Folz

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