[kde-edu]: Unmaintained apps in kdeedu

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Apr 23 20:24:08 CEST 2007

A Dilluns 23 Abril 2007, Anne-Marie Mahfouf va escriure:
> Hi all,
> Quoting Urs Wolfer from the Release Team:
> "In order to keep our quality, we should do a general application cleanup
> over all modules before the KDE 4.0 release. We have a lot of unmaintained
> applications that are horribly broken, apps that have a small userbase or
> apps that are to specific to keep them in a mainmodule.
> Points for cleanup decisions:
> * Is the app well maintained?
> * Is the app in a good shape? If not, was it in a good shape in KDE 3
> times? * Are there a lot of issues on b.k.o? Check how often issues are
> reported. When has the last issue been reported? If there are less open
> issues, but the app is not in a really good shape, this means the app has a
> small usebase. * If it is an app with a small userbase, is it in a good
> shape? If it is, we can probably move it to extragear.
> * Does that app duplicate functions with another app form a mainmodule?
> We should decide which applications we are going to drop as soon as
> possible." -------------
> Unmaintained in kdeedu are: KBruch, Kanagram, KLatin and KPercentage.

My opinions:

Seems as good as 3.5 one except some icons seem to be missing. Fine tune and 

Seems in good shape, i know the codebase a bit since Joshua used blinken as 
base for kanagram so i can try helping if any problem gets detected. Fine 
tune and keep.

Never liked KLatin much and afair it only does English<->Latin, kill it.

Seems working, except that the bouncing wall when you complete it has a 
graphical glitch. Fine tune and keep.


> We have to decide what we do about these apps: are they in good shape
> enough to be left in the module, provided we all have a look at them and
> fix them if needed, hoping they'll find a maintainer? or are we going to
> leave them out?
> Thanks in advance for any feedback, I'd hate to have to take a decision
> alone!
> Anne-Marie
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