[kde-edu]: Akademy and Get Hot New Stuff

Josef Spillner spillner at kde.org
Tue Sep 19 21:02:38 CEST 2006


Alle 20:37, sabato, 16. settembre 2006, Anne-Marie Mahfouf ha scritto:
> yes, because of the purpose of educational software, we need for example
> Italian people being able to play in French.
> (side note: because of the server problem, KAnagram files are on a private
> server where only 2 persons have access which poses problem in case the
> server maintainer suddenly disappears.)

Now I understood it. Will try to fix this problem.
There is no mockup yet except for the one of last aKademy (the new download 
dialog), but at least I've made some progress at separating the dialog from 
the engine. That way, custom dialogs could be used if the need arises (e.g. 
for usage by children, the installation of additional data must be much 

> I saw that now GHNS is a free-desktop project. Are the issues we raised on
> the wiki page debated in other projects? Is there a mailing list for it?

Unfortunately, the fd.o project for GHNS is not very active. There was never 
real input from the Gnome people although several promised to look into it. 
It's like the old mantra goes - we need some working code first :)


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