[kde-edu]: KDE/kdeedu/libkdeedu/kdeeduplot

Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Wed Sep 6 16:17:24 CEST 2006

SVN commit 581495 by harris:

Cleanup KPlotWidget


- added setAntialias(bool), set to true for smoother (but slower) 

- removed explicit double-buffering (Qt4 does this automatically)

- added top and right axes (by default, they show the same tickmarks 
as bottom and left)

- added optional secondary data limits for showing alternate 
set of tickmarks on top and right axes.

- removed setShowTickMarks() / setShowTickLabels()...each axis now 
handles its own visibility logic.


- each axis now calculates its own tickmark positions (rather 
than KPlotWidget)

- rather than setting the number of tickmarks and distance between 
them, the tickmark positions are now stored in a QList<double>

- simplified visibility logic: 
  + isVisible() : draw axis and tickmarks ?
  + showTickLabels() : obvious
  + the axis label is drawn if it is not empty

- added new ticklabel format 't', which indicates that the ticklabel 
values are decimal hours, and should be rendered with a clock-time
format ("hh:mm").  Other special format flags are possible.

I didn't have to modify kalzium or ktouch, so the API hasn't 
changed too much.  Most of the changes are "under the hood".

I also didn't look at kmathtool, since they have their own copy 
of KPlotWidget in the playground.  I'll let them decide if and when 
to use this version.

CCMAIL: kde-edu at kde.org

 M  +83 -3     kplotaxis.cpp  
 M  +54 -15    kplotaxis.h  
 M  +233 -216  kplotwidget.cpp  
 M  +26 -65    kplotwidget.h  

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