[kde-edu]: KPlotWidget stuff

Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Wed Oct 25 15:18:09 CEST 2006


Carsten Niehaus wrote:
> I would like this idea a lot. In Kalzium each point represents an element, so
> doing (pseudo-code)
> addObject( x, y, Element*->name() )
> and the plotting-classes take care about the rest would make things easier.
That's exactly what I have in mind.

> Mmh, why not doing it incrementally (first your first proposal), then we think
> again (after porting Kalzium, KmPlot and KStars) and testing how it feels...

Yes, I've actually backed off on that idea already.  Just kind of
thinking out loud.

> I am especially interested in the BarPlot like
> http://support.sas.com/samples_app/00/samples00339_1_gchart-barplot.gif
> Perhaps you could have that in mind while working on the plotting-code :-)

Ok, that should be pretty easy to add.  Ping me if I forget to do it.

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