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Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at gmx.de
Wed Oct 25 10:19:10 CEST 2006


> > I was thinking that it would make more sense to omit the LABEL type,
> > and just make it possible to attach a name to each point in the
> > KPlotObject.  That way, if you wanted a set of points with labels, you
> > could do this with a single KPlotObject, rather than having a
> > KPlotObject for the points, and another set of N KPlotObjects (one for
> > each label).
> >
> > Any feedback on this idea?

I would like this idea a lot. In Kalzium each point represents an element, so 
doing (pseudo-code)

addObject( x, y, Element*->name() )

and the plotting-classes take care about the rest would make things easier.

> Another option, which may make more sense, is to change KPlotObject so
> that it represents a single point in the plot, rather than a series of
> points.

Mmh, why not doing it incrementally (first your first proposal), then we think 
again (after porting Kalzium, KmPlot and KStars) and testing how it feels...
I am especially interested in the BarPlot like


Perhaps you could have that in mind while working on the plotting-code :-)

  Carsten Niehaus
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