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Matthias Messmer matthias at familie-messmer.de
Tue Oct 3 00:48:34 CEST 2006


> > > Personally i'd like to have a wiki  as a part of the edu website. For
> > > example to list new educational applications ideas. Also to improve the
> > > communicatin with our users.
> That's a great idea, why don't we just add an edu section to wiki.kde.org?

As discussed on irc I prepared a PmWiki[1] based pure php wiki temporarily 
hosted at [2]. This could be part of the edu.kde.org site.

What do you think?

Best regards


[1] http://www.pmwiki.org/
[2] http://www.angelaschule-osnabrueck.de/eduwiki/pmwiki.php
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