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Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Sun Oct 1 17:47:00 CEST 2006


On Sunday 01 October 2006 06:30, Adriaan de Groot wrote:
> > I am KOffice webmaster and KDE-Edu webmaster along with Pino and I was
> > not aware of such a change. To say the least I am slightly angry about
> > this because I think we could have been consulted about the change.
> I don't get it. Are you:
> a) angry that edu. was not changed over at the same time
> b) angry that the look was changed at all
As Anne-Marie stated clearly in the above quoted text, she is slightly angered 
by the fact that she wasn't aware that the changes were coming.  Surely 
they've been discussed on kde-www though?  I seem to recall seeing mockups of 
the layout a while ago.
> > I don't like this new layout which is OK for small content websites but
> > not with heavy content ones.
What about it specifically do you dislike?  I like the clean look, and it 
doesn't seem too drastically different from the previous layout to me.

> ... because it changes the way you need to think about structuring the
> website. The same applies for the KDE homepage -- you can't put 68 links on
> a page in a sensible way with the new look and frankly I think that is a
> good thing.
I'm obviously missing something.  I just don't see what in the new layout 
prevents complexity or rich content more than the old one.  I didn't actually 
count the links at www.kde.org, but there must be close to 68 links there...

> > Some KDE websites have another layout than the www.kde.org one (Phonon
> > and such) and I was wondering if we should take the opportunity to move
> > to our own design.
If we're voting, I vote against this, unless there are compelling reasons to 
not use the new Oxygen layout.  Perhaps we can apply some EDU-tweaks so that 
visitors get *both* impressions: that we're part of KDE, and that we're a bit 

> > Personally i'd like to have a wiki  as a part of the edu website. For
> > example to list new educational applications ideas. Also to improve the
> > communicatin with our users.
That's a great idea, why don't we just add an edu section to wiki.kde.org?


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