[kde-edu]: An idea for a new application.

Miguel Marco mmarco at unizar.es
Sun Oct 1 17:11:01 CEST 2006


I don't know if this is the right place for this message, if not, please 
disregard it.

I am a math teacher, and talking with my colleagues we have had some ideas of 
applications that could be usefull in the teaching of math. Unlukily, none of 
us are good programmers, so i thought that maybe it could be a good idea to 
expose them to people interested in making educational programs.

The main idea that we have talked about is a program to teach how to 
manipulate basic algebraic expressions. For example, the student could see an 
equation, and could drag with the mouse a term of it and drop it in the other 
side of the equation, with opposite sign.

This could have several configurable levels, for instance, in a level they 
could not drag and drop, but only select and open menu to "substract this 
term from both sides", and then there could be an animation that shows how 
the term is substracted, and canceled. There could also be menus for things 
like "reduce to common denominator", "take the common factor", 

If someone thinks that such a program would be usefull, and is interested in 
it becoming a reality, please let me know. I don't know much of programming, 
but am willing to cooperate in all that i can.

Thanks in advance.

Miguel Marco Buzunariz
Departamento de matemáticas.
Universidad de Zaragoza

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