[kde-edu]: KSimon = blinKen

RalfGesellensetter rgx at gmx.de
Sun Nov 19 19:37:49 CET 2006

dear list,
dear cid,

today, I had yet another occasion to try out blinKen. I like its outfit 
very much! But from audio-pedagogical points of view, I'd plea to use 
more musical frequencies associated to the keys:

1. All frequencies should be 220 * 2 ^ (n/12), 3<=n<15
I suggest to use those four stages:

I ("tonica"), e.g.  n = 3 (C)
III ("3rd"), e.g. n = 7 (E)
V ("dominant"), e.g. n = 10 (G)
VI ("6th"), e.g. n = 12 (A).

2. Instead of using the mouse, keyboard (keys 1-4?) should be usable.

Kind regards

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