[kde-edu]: [kde-promo] FOSDEM 2007: KDE devroom ?

Karl Sarnow karl.sarnow at eun.org
Mon Nov 6 10:27:25 CET 2006

Thanks Anne-Marie for the info. I have prepared a news for Xplora, which
should come up soon on http://www.xplora.org.

I would also like to get in contact with developers in order to pinpoint
the need of science educators.


Anne-Marie Mahfouf schrieb:
> Hi Sebas,
> I plan to be at FOSDEM (24-25 February) this year as I now live in France!
> I have no idea how things are organized at FOSDEM but seeing you start to plan 
> the week-end, I'd like to talk about educational software with as many Gnome 
> people and distros people as possible!
> Anne-Marie
> On Thursday 02 November 2006 08:51, Sebastian Kügler wrote:
>> On Wednesday 01 November 2006 23:59, Pascal Bleser wrote:
>>> I'll check if we still have a booth for you.
>>> Each booth is actually a table of 2m width. As you plan to sell
>>> merchandising... would one be enough or would you need two ?
>> I think one is just fine, we don't want to occupy too much space.
>> [...]
>>>> In fact, I like the idea, although schedules and practical stuff might
>>>> make more sense if both projects had their own devroom. Will there be a
>>>> freedesktop.org attendance? Maybe the devrooms could go close to each
>>>> other, and having the FDO one in the middle, or something like that?
>>> There won't be a FDO room but massive X.org presence, they have their
>>> own devroom, already have confirmation of 13 X.org developers coming to
>>> FOSDEM. Maybe it could even be combined with X.org presence ?
>>> Note, to summarize, there are 3 options:
>>> 1) KDE and GNOME have their own devrooms, same as last year
>>> 2) KDE and GNOME have a joint devroom, mixing talks about KDE, GNOME,
>>> and common initiatives, freedesktop.org topics, whatever ;)
>>> 3) KDE and GNOME have their own devroom but share a single devroom on,
>>> say, half a day during the week-end (saturday afternoon, sunday morning
>>> or sunday afternoon)
>>> Maybe (3) would be the most interesting option... ?
>>> You could still have your KDE/GNOME-specific talks in your respective
>>> devrooms but set up a shared schedule for half a day where you can
>>> exchange information, and possibly talk about common technology or
>>> directions (HIG comparison, dbus, freedesktop.org, ...) or maybe even
>>> spawn a new, common initiative ;)) (FOSDEM is a pretty good place for
>>> that, you have developers of many different projects at hand, even X.org
>>> ;)).
>> Good idea. What we're actually doing then is of course bound to the people
>> that are there, but just stuffing KDE and GNOME people in the same room
>> will at the very least have funny effects, if not positive. :-)
>>> As a side effect, it would also free up a room for half a day, and I'll
>>> be able to give another, smaller project some space at FOSDEM during
>>> that time.
>>>>> Of course, it's by no means an obligation, just a suggestion, could be
>>>>> interesting for both projects and for visitors as well (at least in
>>>>> our opinion).
>>>>> Or maybe have half a day during the weekend where you would like to
>>>>> have shared talks and discussions ?
>>>>> What do you think ?
>>>> Again, I like the idea. I'll think a bit about things we'll be able to
>>>> share. I'll meet a lot of the GNOME people next week at the Ubuntu Dev
>>>> Summit in Mountainview, I'll check with the GNOME guys then if they
>>>> have good suggestions how we can show the FOSDEM people that GNOME and
>>>> KDE are good friends.
>>> Sounds great :)
>>> I'll send a mail to my GNOME contact for FOSDEM, to see whether he likes
>>> the idea (I'll put you in CC:).
>> Cool, thanks!
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