[kde-edu]: Icons should be installed to CrystalSVG theme ?

Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Fri May 19 03:50:18 CEST 2006


Jason Harris wrote:
> All hi*-action-*.png files to be renamed cr*-action-*.png
> All cr*-app-*.png files to be renamed hi*-app-*.png
I've now done this in my local copy.  However, action icons are still 
being installed to $KDEDIR/share/apps/$APPNAME/icons/hicolor instead of 

I noticed in the CMakeLists.txt files for icon directories consists of a 
single line:

kde4_install_icons( ${DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/kig/icons hicolor )

Should that "hicolor" be changed to "crystalsvg" or "default" ?
It seems that even apps which had been using cr*-app-*.png filenames 
have "hicolor" in their kde4_install_icons directive (e.g., kbruch, 
kalzium), and their icons are indeed being installed under "hicolor", 
despite their "cr*" filenames.

So it seems it doesn't matter what the icon files are named.  Should I 
go ahead and modify the CMakeLists.txt files, changing "hicolor" to 
"crystalvg"?  Finally, should I go ahead and commit my filename changes, 
even though it seems that the filenames currently have no practical 

I'm almost sorry I even brought this up...I looked at a few non-Edu apps 
to see how they do it, and most of them seem to use "hicolor" in their 
kde4_install_icons() lines.  I did finally find one that uses 
"crystalsvg": kmail!


PS- I noticed that KGeography has both cr* and hi* app icons, and that 
these are not the same.  I didn't modify anything related to these 
icons, but I'm not sure what's going on there.

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