[kde-edu]: trouble with cmake

Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Mon Jun 19 04:01:27 CEST 2006


I noticed that CMake was finding an old version of KDE4 for its macro  
includes, which has been stagnant and forgotten on my disk since  
April.  It hasn't been a problem until the DBus stuff came along,  
because now cmake couldn't find "FindQtDBus".  So, I deleted this  
stale kde4 installation, hoping that it would then pick up the  
correct kde4 installation.  However, now attempting to cmake kdeedu  
gives the following error:

"CMake Error: KDE4Internal_DIR is not set.  It must be set to the  
directory containing KDE4InternalConfig.cmake in order to use  

Looking at cmake's FindKDE4.cmake file (in $CMAKE/share/CMake/ 
Modules), it uses "kde-config --path data" to determine the path to  
FindKDE4Internal.cmake.  When I do "kde-config --path data" on the  
command line, I get the correct answer ("/home/kstars/.kde/share/ 
apps/:/home/kstars/kde4/share/apps/"), and FindKDE4Internal.cmake  
does exist in /home/kstars/kde4/share/apps/cmake/modules/.

Where am I supposed to set KDE4Internal_DIR ?   I tried installing  
kdelibs4_snapshot again, upgrading cmake to 2.4.2, and running cmake  
for kdeedu in a new build dir...nothing seems to work.  And google is  
strangely silent on this issue (which usually means I've done  
something stupid).


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