[kde-edu]: Math software

abhijeet saran abhijeetsaran at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 13:33:25 CEST 2006


As a part of my company's social outreach program, I teach street
children at a home for the underprivileged kids here in India. These
kids go to overcrowded schools where teachers just push the kids
through to the next grade. In abscence of parents, these kids are
unfortunately being held back due to lack of personal attention.

I want to help develop a application that would teach kids how to
count and take them beyond to addition, subtraction, division, ratios
and all. Ideally each kid would log into the application with his own
account and we will keep track of his progress and adapt the
complexity of questions based on his learning.

I envisage the application to be language neutral and use graphics to
teach counting with animations. for example: a picture of 3 marbles,
you give 2 marbles to a friend and now you have 1 marble.

I can dedicate Saturday of each week and further 7 hours through out
the week. I have a academic background in programming and have
programmed before in Java, C# and Python. I would definitely need help
starting. For example, if addition is done, I can do the rest.

I believe that this application will immensely help the orphans and
children in third world countries.

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