[kde-edu]: Merging the glossary with other KDEEDU code

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at gmx.de
Sun Jul 16 13:50:04 CEST 2006


In Kalzium there is the Glossary. In schools, at least in germany, many 
teachers use a system called Lernkartei. This is basically a glossary 
custom-made for a specific class. For example, the students/pupil write every 
definition ("What is an Atom") on a card and always have those cards with 
They use those cards very flashcard-like in class but also to learn. Ok, I 
would like to add an easy / simple GUI for teachers or students to enter such 
definitions, with the posibility to also add images and links to other 
definitions. Just like the current glossary.

Of course it would be best to share all that stuff and also the xml-format 
with other applications. I looked at the kvtml-format but that is not what I 
have in mind. My XML looks like this:

        <name>State of matter</name>
        <desc>Form of a substance; dependant on form stability and whether it 
takes up a definite volume: solid, liquid or gaseous.</desc>
            <refitem>Boiling point</refitem>
            <refitem>Melting point</refitem>

The <refitem> means: This item somehow belongs to the item "Melting Point". 
Thus, a link to "Melting point" is given.

The editor would give you a simple interface to create those items. Not i18n 
is involved because it is userinput. Wikipedia-integration would mean another 
xml-tag which gives you the link to the Wikipedia-article.

COuld all this be merged into kvtml or should the format stay seperate?
  Carsten Niehaus
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