[kde-edu]: New icons needed for Kalzium: IconicView

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at gmx.de
Mon Jan 2 13:29:28 CET 2006


I don't know who on this lists reads my blog, so I am posting the links here:

First, I asked for the new icons 

Then I made some points more clear and added a far better example:

Martin was so kind to ask for it on the kde-artists.org-Forum as well.


Perhaps you are an artist or know somebody who could contribute some icons? If 
you look at the PDF linked in the second blog you should get quite some ideas 
for them! Furthermore, I  have a printed table like that with other symbols. 
So getting the ideas is easy :-) It is just that I cannot draw nice icons 
because I have no artistic skill whatsoever.

Any help is appreciated!

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