[kde-edu]: [RFC] KPhysics - Interactive physics experiments for KDE

Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Fri Apr 28 17:46:23 CEST 2006


On Friday 28 April 2006 08:14, Jure Repinc wrote:
> That would be an option for the SoC. I guess I'll just do it this way
> for now and then after that covert it to full plug-in based system.
That was just my advice...if you'd rather propose to implement the full 
KPhysics-with-plugins by the end of summer, I'm certainly not going to hold 
you back :)  It's up to you.

> Yeah I guess if someone will be willing to be my mentor then it can go
> to the KDE SoC2006 Wiki page. And I can prepare the application for
> Google so that it is ready for 1st of May when they start accepting
> them.
Actually, it can go on the list without a mentor.  What the heck, I'll add it 
to the list with me as mentor today :)

May 1st is Monday (!).  We should email each other off-list about writing the 
proposal this weekend.  Does anyone know if there is a repository of 
successful KDE SoC proposals from last year?

> I'll wait for a couple of days and see if it gets better. I've also
> noticed that if I send the mail from my webinterface SquirrelMail it
> always shows up, but if I use Thunderbird 1.5 it does't. So maybe it
> could be some problem with parsing the e-mail that Thunderbird
> creates. I'll try later with KMail also and see how it goes.

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