[kde-edu]: [RFC] KPhysics - Interactive physics experiments for KDE

Jure Repinc jlp at holodeck1.com
Fri Apr 28 14:17:35 CEST 2006

On Fri, April 28, 2006 8:44, Carsten Niehaus said:

>> Is there there any documentation you would recommend reading about
>> making the framework/plug-ins structure in Qt/KDE or in general?
> No clue.. Have a look at KDevelop I guess...

OK I'll take a look in KDevelop. Kopete also uses plugins for
protocols I guess. And digiKam too.

>> How do SourceForge and Berlios compare? Pros/cons? How is it then
>> with
>> moving to KDE SVN into playground?
> Both provide svn, sf.net is bigger. I think it doesn't matter.

I've asked for an account on KDE SVN. I'm also one of the main
Slovenian translators for KDE so I guess I have two reasons now for
acount. But I will take a look at both SF and Berlios and alsocreate
an account there.

>> How do you monitor those changes? Is there any special page that
>> lists
>> the changes in each snapshot. If there is no such a page then maybe
>> it
>> would be usefull to others if it existed.
> That is easy :-) The kdelibs4_snapshot is updated ever second monday.
> Then
> recompile against it and see what breaks. There is also a
> .html-document in
> kdelibs which tells you all changed things. So you see a error in
> KFoo, you
> look for KFoo in the html-doc and it tells you what you should do now.

Oh yes, I see this HTML document now, and thanks for the pointer. Then
I guess it will not be all that hard to keep in touch with changes.

Thanks again for comments.

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