[kde-edu]: KDE/kdeedu

Henrique Pinto henriquepinto at ufmg.br
Wed Oct 26 01:00:38 CEST 2005

SVN commit 474288 by henrique:

* Remove KEduca from trunk.
  I'm already working on a replacement for it, and the old codebase
  is quite messy and should be considered unmaintained. Removing
  it from trunk so that nobody wastes time porting code that is to
  be substituted anyway.

  I hope to import an initial copy of my rewrite to playground soon,
  though the exact date pretty much depends on my amount of free time
  in the coming days.

CCMAIL:kde-edu at kde.org
CCMAIL:montel at kde.org

 M  +0 -2      Mainpage.dox  
 M  +0 -1      README  
 D             keduca (directory)  

--- trunk/KDE/kdeedu/Mainpage.dox #474287:474288
@@ -8,8 +8,6 @@
 *   <i>Periodic table of elements.</i>
 * - <a href="kbruch/html/index.html"><b>kbruch</b></a>\n
 *   <i>Fraction excercise trainer.</i>
-* - <a href="keduca/html/index.html"><b>keduca</b></a>\n
-*   <i>Creation and revision of form-based tests and exams.</i>
 * - <a href="khangman/html/index.html"><b>khangman</b></a>\n
 *   <i>Hangman game. The child should guess a word letter by letter.</i>
 * - <a href="kig/html/index.html"><b>kig</b></a>\n
--- trunk/KDE/kdeedu/README #474287:474288
@@ -12,7 +12,6 @@
 * kalzium: periodic table of elements
 * kanagram: an anagram game
 * kbruch: fraction excercise trainer
-* keduca: creation and revision of form-based tests and exams.
 * kgeography: geography learning program
 * khangman: hangman game. The child should guess a word letter by letter.
 * kig: interactive geometry

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