[kde-edu]: KDE education software (job offer?)

Hans Oischinger hans.oischinger at h3c.de
Tue Oct 25 21:07:27 CEST 2005


First of all: Sorry for cross-posting this, but I figured that this needs a 
little more publicity as it's about a KDE related job offer. But here we go:

I was at exhibiting KDE at Systems (an IT fair in Munich) today when someone 
came to the KDE booth and asked if we were interested in some sort of 
contract work for his publishing company.
The thing is: His company doesn't publish books, it publishes learning 
material for computer related stuff.

He showed us some an example of an interactive learning video for Microsoft 
Word his company has done. Basically this was a Flash video with voice over 
explaining the basic functionalities of Word that sometimes asked the user to 
click this or that button.
It's very much the same as the nice flash videos we already saw for Kimdaba 

Now he wants someone to do the same thing for KDE, that is: explain the basic 
UI and features in some sort of video (he wasn't getting too technical here).
He already talked with other OS projects and already got positive feedback 
from OpenOffice.
He is of course willing to pay for this as a contract work.
I can give you his website www.ars-docendi.de

So the question is:
- Is someone interested in doing this job?
- Are there any objections or comments on how this should be done? (Remeber 
that the result of this work will only be available commercially, although 
KDE user manuals in book form sound pretty much the same to me)

Until then I gave the Mr. Schmidt my email adress (and Torsten's, just in 
case), so he expects to hear from me anytime soon.

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