[kde-edu]: kwordquitz proposal

Vlad vovva at ngs.ru
Wed Nov 30 07:11:47 CET 2005


I have looked into trunk code and got some thoughts.

Menu and tool bar is overburden with options that can be moved to 
configuration dialog.

1 I think we have to move Vocabulary menu to the kconfig dialog. In fact 
Leitner configuration information belong to configuration and not to 

2 I think we have to change mode/type menu/toolbars. I like more how 
kvoctrain do it. I can select from menu the type of query I want: flash 
card, multiply choice or other. Mode - sequential, random or Leitner 
should be selected in kconfig dialog. I think people change this not 
very often. Also the direction from foreign{->,<-,<->}local language can 
be selected from kconfig.

3 I want more options to the multiply choice. as in the kvoctrain.

4 I want to configure how many flash cards I want to see. I have big 
file (~3000 cards) and want to see only 50-100 card in query. This can 
be placed in kconfig.

5 I want to have actual log file about all my answers. Based on this I 
can do some research on statistics about teaching process. It seems 
silly for me to loose this information.

6 I want to separate the log and the Leitner box data from the cards 
database. Actually the using of this the data is different. Look in the 
mail list and you will see teachers messages how want to use this soft. 
But they can not. Because of the data structure. I want to store 
information about questioned in separate files in separate directories. 
So I can organize class teaching.

7 I do not like the storage of updatable information (like Leitner box) 
in the XML file. XML file is not panacea for all kind of data storage. 
In can contain statical complicate data structures, but work bad for 
updates and transactions. I want SQL. Log data can be placed in CSV file 
or the SQL.

Please do comments.

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