[kde-edu]: Windows ports of K edu software?

Pino Toscano toscano.pino at tiscali.it
Fri Nov 25 15:10:38 CET 2005

On Friday 25 November 2005 14:12, Luke Sharkey wrote:
> I've found the edu software on linux very good.

Nice to hear for us, thanks :-)

> However, I'd like to be able to share it with some people I know who are
> sticking resolutely to Microsoft!

Have you tried converting them to Linux? ;-)

> I did find WAtomic, windows port of KAtomic,
> but I was wondering whether any knows where I can find a Windows port of
> Kalzium, or something similar to it.

I'm not aware of any windows version of Kalzium, sorry. KDE4 _should_ solve 
this issue, but in the meanwhile the only backend supported for KDE3 is X11. 
There's the Polish guy - the maintainer of Kexi, I don't remember his name at 
the moment - that ported a small part of kdelibs3 and some KDE3 applications 
to win32. You should contact him for more information about that.


Pino Toscano
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