[kde-edu]: Good news from Brazil!

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Mon May 16 14:05:52 CEST 2005


> I work at Passo Fundo University, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in the
> state when occurs the Forum Internacional de Software Livre.
> I am involving in a project to use Free Software (software livre) to theach
> children that's no have any contact with computing.
> We are constructing a distro like knoppix (with "kurumin") to distribute to
> schools and comunity centers, thinking in a "digital inclusion".
> Well, we want to translate all the softwares of edu.kde.org and distrubute
> in Brazil, but we don't know how ...
Just get KDE and the kde-i18n-pt_BR package and then set your language to 
pt_BR in KControl and you will get all the translations to Brazilian 
> Have something translated to PT-BR?
Yes, everything is translated.
> I have take a look in i18n page of PT-BR, but there all softwares are
> marked with 100% and I don't find where is it ...
That means everything is fully translated.

The pt_BR is one of the best translating team in KDE so there is no real need 
for new translators. What we need in KDE-Edu is feedback, ideas, design, 
coding help, define network-related issues and so on. If you could get 
involved that way it would be great. For example install kdeedu and linux in 
a school and see what students use, what they would like to use and what 
teachers need.



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