[kde-edu]: Re: kde-edu Digest, Vol 24, Issue 2

M Gehl mjgehl at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 04:43:53 CET 2005

> Do you have a design in mind for this module?
> Do you mean you have no programmer at all for this project?
> I cannot connect to purplemath.com so I cannot see what's here but why not a
> web-based java program which would allow to reach more people?
> Anne-Marie

Thank you for your input. I'm sorry if I am not being clear on a
number of issues. Its difficult to give the proper amount of detail in
mailing list e-mails.

The design for the initial module is a KDE application with a (4)
tabbed dialog. The titles for the tabs and the widgets contained in
each are as follows:

Tab 1) Learning Objectives - KTextBrowser Widget.

Tab 2) Tutorial - PageChanger Widget, KTextBrowser, an
XYInterceptExplorer Widget in read-only mode.

Tab 3) Interactive Examples - PageChanger Widget, KTextBrowser,
XYInterceptExplorer Widget, XYInterceptProblemGenerator Object,
AnimatedLinearEquationSolver Widget.

Tab 4) Test Your Knowledge - PageChanger Widget, KTextBrowser,
XYInterceptProblemGenerator Object, ProblemAnswerPrinter Object.

I could and may have to do the programming for the prototype but it
will take me 10 times longer than someone familiar with QT/KDE
programming. I'm hoping to find someone who thinks this is a great
idea and can architect a well designed application.

And yes, this could be written in Java. Most of the other applications
in kde-edu could be as well. I want this program to be written in C++
for QT/KDE because I think it is the computing environment with the
*brightest* future.

Lastly, try (http://www.purplemath.com/modules/index.htm) again. I
think they were having a DNS issue the last few days.

-Mike Gehl

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