[kde-edu]: KTouch : build and install issues

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Jun 26 18:04:06 CEST 2005

A Diumenge 26 Juny 2005 17:55, Andreas Nicolai va escriure:
> Hi Albert,
> ok, that sort of explains and solves my issues. I thought there is some
> easy way to configure a program in a module to look for a dependent
> program/lib in the same module first. Basically something like: when KTouch
> is built, "make install" first in libkdeedu module and only if that is
> successful, built KTouch.
I would say that can not be done.

> But if that is not possible, I agree that using relative filenames for
> headers and libs (as you changed it now) is better.
> Still two questions remain:
> 1. how can we ensure that libkdeedu is compiled first when I just build a
> single program like KTouch and not all of KDEEDU? 
This is already done in kdeedu/Makefile.am with
COMPILE_FIRST = libkdeedu

> 2. are we still going to 
> install headers and libs of libkdeedu so that other modules can use our
> lib?
Well it makes sense to have them available for playground/edu programs that 
want to use them so i say keep them installing.


> Andreas
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