[kde-edu]: KPlotWidget ideas

Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Mon Jun 20 05:42:10 CEST 2005


I have some suggestions for KPlotWidget:

1) I'd like to rename some functions in KPlotAxis to make it clearer 
what they do.  The functions that deal with tickmark labels are named 
with "label", which is a bit confusing, because label() and setLabel() 
refer to the *axis* label, not the tick labels.  I'd like to change to 
"tick" in the following functions:

labelFieldWidth() --> tickFieldWidth()
setLabelFormat() --> setTickFormat()
labelFmt() --> tickFormat()
labelPrec() --> tickPrecision()

...or maybe "tickLabel" instead of "tick"?  too wordy?

2) Should we add RightAxis and TopAxis, which can be independent of 
BottomAxis and LeftAxis?  I already use this in my subclass 
(KStarsPlotWidget), but one could argue that we don't need this in the 
base class.

3) Control over whether to show axes, tickmarks, and tick labels should 
be moved to KPlotAxis, so that it can be controlled separately for each 
axis.  Maybe still have some convenience functions in KPlotWidget to 
control both axes at once.  Maybe instead of using DataRect in 
KPlotWidget, we should keep the limits in KPlotAxis as well 
(KPlotAxis::min() and max()).

I don't want to make the class too complicated, but I'd like it to be 
flexible.  I think the best strategy is to focus on making the base 
widget very easy to use as-is, and try to design it so that it's not too 
hard to subclass to extend functionality.


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