[kde-edu]: what to do about kde4?

Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Mon Jun 13 17:41:13 CEST 2005


We had some earlier discussion about what should be done with kdeedu in 
order to prepare for both KDE-3.5 and KDE4.  Annma has gone on a 
well-deserved vacation, and has expressed the desire that others show 
some initiative in managing the module, so I thought I would review the 
issues and make a proposal here:

The issue is that several of the kdeedu program teams have expressed 
concern about trying to keep up with forward-porting to kde4 (which will 
be a moving target) while still developing for kde-3.5.  Many have said 
they would like to put off porting to Qt4 until kde-3.5 development is 

The proposal:

We move kdeedu on the svn server out of branches/work/kde4/kdeedu and 
into a new branch (perhaps branches/work/kdeedu/kde4).  This way, we can 
preserve what has been done already, but it will signal others that we 
don't want further work done on it at this time.  Note that any kdeedu 
teams that are ready to start porting to qt4 before our internal "start 
porting" date are free to get started in this branch.

We then continue development for kde-3.5 in trunk.  If/when trunk is 
branched to kde-3.5 (and work/kde4 becomes trunk), we'll just continue 
in the 3.5 branch.  Once we are satisfied with 3.5, we can then begin 
porting the changes to qt4 in our work/kdeedu/kde4 branch.  When we have 
a reasonably-working branch, we can re-introduce it into the main trunk.

Discussion points:

+ Are all teams agreed that this is the way to go?

+ Do we want to set a timescale for when 3.5 work is to be finished, and 
qt4 porting is to begin?  Perhaps simply tie it to the (still 
unannounced) 3.5 feature freeze?

+ Is anyone comfortable with making the necessary moves on the svn server?


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