[kde-edu]: kde4 - URGENT - Please read

Peter Hedlund peter at peterandlinda.com
Mon Jun 6 19:57:07 CEST 2005


Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
> Hi all,
> It seems my latest mail was a bit confusing about merging in kde4. Sorry about 
> that, I did not understand exactly what was asked from us. 
> I have the latest from coolo himself:
> - if you want to keep your app in the kde4 branch, you have to merge your 
> changes by yourself from now on
> - if you develop too fast in 3.5 (like kalzium does for example), you must 
> remove your app from kde4/kdeedu and you'll readd it when 3.5 is separated 
> from 4.0 for example or when you feel it's OK. kdepim people for example 
> don't want to work on kde4 before september.
> So either you keep your app in branches/work/kde4/kdeedu and you keep it synch 
> with 3.5 or you remove it until you can develop on it maybe separately from 
> 3.5.
> I would say to adopt the latest solution for Kalzium, KStars and KVocTrain for 
> example. I'll probably remove KHangMan as well.

I propose that we remove the entire kdeedu module from the kde4 branch. 
That will give us two major advantages:

1. Actively developed applications do not need to worry about merging 
and contributions to the wrong branch.

2. Less active or unmaintained applications can be reevaluated to 
determine if they should even be put into KDE 4.



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