[kde-edu]: porting to kde4

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sat Jun 4 16:22:28 CEST 2005

Well, i make it in several points:
 - Most important: YOU are the kstar team
 - you can't deny that someone else works on kde4 branch, people do wathever 
they want, however you can say please don't do it, and hope they don't do it
 - maybe they even will take care of all the new features you keep adding to 
the 3.5 branch giving you a "free" KDE 4 port
 - Once you think 3.5 features are over and want to port to KDE 4 may happen 4 
    - KDE 4 port made by someone else has all features you added to 3.5, so 
you just need to do some final touchs to bring in shape
    - KDE 4 port made by someone else has only some features, you need to do 
the porting work
    - KDE 4 port never compiled has some insider knowledge was needed
    - You don't trust other peoples code so as YOU are the kstars team, you do 
the porting and your code is accepted over the other people's code because 
you are the ones that are going to work on it (this is the least desirable 
thing obviously)

I don't see why you want people to stop doing free work for you, but if you 
want, do not hesitate to send mails to kde-devel, kde-core-devel and the ones 
that made the commits on the kde4 branch saying that they work will be 
useless because you'll not use their work.


A Dissabte 04 Juny 2005 16:12, Jason Harris va escriure:
> Hello,
> We on the KStars team are planning on continuing our ongoing development
> for 3.5 until in-progress features are completed, and only then will we
> begin porting to kde4.  We're postponing kde4 porting because everything
> done for 3.5 needs to be committed in kde4 also, and cross-committing to a
> rapidly-diverging codebase does not sound like fun.
> However, there are already people who are not part of the kstars team
> making major, sweeping commits across our codebase in kde4.  Is there a way
> to communicate that we don't want this done?  Or is our plan to postpone
> infeasible?
> Jason

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