[kde-edu]: KVTML

Eric Pignet eric.pignet at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 11:39:36 CEST 2005

Hi Joshua,

Le Friday 08 July 2005 21:56, Joshua Keel a écrit :
> current kvtml libs. These features would be:
> 1. parse the header (get the remark attribute and the title, store
> them as members?)
> 2. allow getting and settings of the word and its associated
> translation in a KEduVocDataItem

These features are already available, but in /branches/work/kwordquiz, not in 
It's useless trying to improve the old classes (KEduVocDataItem, KVTMLWriter) 
because they will be removed soon.
The problem is that the new classes aren't finished right now. If you can, the 
best is to wait about one month, so that you can use the definitive classes 
which will be available in libkdeedu. If you can't wait, you can try to 
import classes from /branches/work/kwordquiz. I can help you if needed.

> I think that's about all I need. I had basically decided to come up
> with my own plaintext format when annma and pinotree
> stopped me and 

Thank you Annma and Pinotree :)

> especially wondering about parsing the header. Should we go ahead and
> create another parse() method, named parseHeader() (or something more
> relevant) instead? And should the KEduVocDataItem store its word and
> translation in QStrings, or in the currently used QDomElement?

KEduVocDocument can parse the header. Just call KEduVocDocument::open()
KEduVocExpression store original and translations in QStrings.


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