[kde-edu]: KMathTool direction

Trenton Carr trentoncarr at telkomsa.net
Mon Jul 4 17:39:39 CEST 2005

Hello all

I think I've learned enough this past year to to try and implement my  
ideas for KMathTool.

I've been trying to find a feasible way to use audio and text/graphic  
animation to present mathematics in any easily understood way. SMIL2 seems  
the way to go and it is possible to compose edu content with an Open  
Office presentation and then import the smil file into LIMSEE2, where more  
effects and transition can be added. This then becomes a perfect Flash  

Content has been a problem but I've found a perfect solution.

www.mindset.co.za  --> look  at about.

This is a collaboration between The South African Gov. Dept of trade and  
industry and corporate sponsors to provide quality _free_ edu content via  
print, web and satellite to under resourced schools in the following  

Information Technology and
Financial Literacy materials for use in the senior phase.

(My interest is in the Maths and Science.)

As maths is a universal language and can be delivered modularly, the fact  
that this content is SA curriculum biased, should not be a problem.

As the content is free, I can use either recorded satellite feeds or web  
content to create SMIL documents by mixing snapshots or video with the  
audio content which I'm going to sample into .ogg's.

This content will then be accessible through KMathTool after I  
complete( read start :-) ) the integration of the open source Helix Player  
to handle the SMIL playing. I'm not to sure about the distribution of the  
media, on server or local?

Once this framework is complete it should be able to accommodate _any_  
field of study. It will also be ready for the kde-edu framework as it is  
all in kparts.

The current KMathTool parts will be available as helper tool during  
teaching or testing modules, ie: in a trig teaching modules the kmathtool  
trig part will become available to help visualize. For the testing modules  
I'll probably use existing kde-edu tools if they are available as kparts.

Before I start I would like some input from others so as to get a clear  
picture of where I should go with this.
I will also get clarification on the licencing of the content.

Kind Regards


Master Maths George
Postnet Suite #109       +27 (0) 44 873 4683
Private Bag X6590        +27 (0) 82 871 6125
George                   +27 (0) 82 821 0088
South Africa

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