[kde-edu]: projects proposal

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at gmx.de
Sun Jul 3 12:06:23 CEST 2005

On Saturday, 2. July 2005 09:13, david wrote:
> The first one is a simple data plotter, which produces a 2D plot of xy
> experimental data, eventually taking into account their uncertainties.
> The second one visualizes the field and potential lines of a given
> distribution of electric charges on a plane.
> I wonder if this kind of software is of some interest for a project like
> yours.

Hi David

I plan to integrate such thing in Kalzium, the Perdiodic Table of KDE. My 
"grand master plan" (tm) is to make Kalzium able to communicate with the 
chemical and physical devices used in schools.
In my school where I made my Abitur (the highest school-thing in germany) we 
had some devices which for example measured the pH-Value of something and 
plotting it on an computer.
For this I need several things, one is definetly data (files, protocols, 
access to the device and so on) but of course also on the software side code 
to present and manipulate the data. I am sure we can work together on the 
software and hardware front as you have probably access to some devices.
Unfurtunatelly I don't have it right now.

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