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Arnold Kraschinski arnold.kra67 at gmx.de
Tue Jan 18 06:42:25 CET 2005

> On January 17, 2005 06:37 am, CPH wrote:
> > Hi,
> >   I've not been tracking this part of KDE for long but am involved with
> > putting software on school PCs. One thing I have noticed about the
> > interfaces for many of the KDE apps is that those focused at young
> children
> > is that the interfaces do not seem to maintain a reasonably common
> > interface. For many of the Windows based edu packages I've seen they
> seem
> > to take over the full screen, it may also be a good idea to have themes
> > aimed at various levels (e.g. full screen + big fonts + cartoonish look
> for
> > pre-7 year olds + a small number of big buttons, big fonts + cartoonish
> > look for 7-10 year olds, cartoonish look for 10-12 year olds).
> >
> > It may be a good idea to pull some ideas together and from that put a
> > framework together which all relevant KDE edu apps can then use to
> > implement whatever policies seem appropriate.
> >
> > CPH


There is it again, the everlasting wish for a framework, that we still don't
have. A long time ago Eva Brucherseifer made a suggestion with a kpart based

When I started the new version of KVerbos (the one in kdenonbeta) I had this
in my mind. I know it still isn't finished but maybe it would be a base for
a discussion. We could give it another name, so that KVerbos finally would
only be the name of the loaded kpart. There could be other kparts that
contain completely different learning stuff. But it would be necessary that
the different kparts provide the interface for the communication with the
rest of the programm.


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