[kde-edu]: Latest important news

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Fri Feb 18 20:26:01 CET 2005

Hi all,

Here is a summary of the latest important news from the KDE project in general 
and the KDE-Edu sub-project in particular.

1) svn repository
KDE will switch from CVS to svn (not in the very future so you have time to 
adapt). For those who are ready to test it, here is a page that relates the 
latest informations from Stephan Kulow
You can do what you want in the current svn repository as the code will not be 
kept! It is a playground for testing and getting familiar with the new 

2) New applications: KSimon and eqchem
http://edu.kde.org/ksimon/ and http://edu.kde.org/eqchem/
It is a Simon Says game for KDE and you can find it in the kdeplayground-edu 
module. Please try it and send your comments to Albert and Danny, the 2 
eqchem is a KDE application that balances chemical equations. We aim to 
integrate it to Kalzium.
Please note that the kdeplayground-edu module is meant to replace kdenonbeta 
for edu applications.

3) Our new artist: Danny
Please welcome Danny Allen as our new artist. He is very talented and 
dedicated, has lots of ideas and put them in drawings! He fixed lots of 
broken icons in kdeedu. He did a mockup for a new application: KidsPlay, see 
and he designed KSimon.
You can find Danny quite often on IRC, #kde-edu channel under the nickname of 

4) New bot in IRC channel
We have a CIA-like bot in the #kde-edu channel which copies the cvs commit 
messages related to KDE-Edu to the channel. Thanks to Matthias Messmer for 
this bot!
The #kde-edu channel is quite lively so feel free to join the fun and share 
our ideas!

5) Freeze
We are in feature freeze and we will be in total freeze the 22nd February. 
There will probably be a KDE 3.5 before 4.0. I'll keep in touch with you to 
report any developments on the future releases.

Thanks for reading that long message!


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