[kde-edu]: Re: kdeedu/kbruch/src

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at gmx.de
Tue Feb 15 20:58:51 CET 2005

Danny Allen <dannya40uk at yahoo.co.uk> [050215 20:53]:
> New KBruch application icon.
>   A            cr128-app-kbruch.png   1.1
>   A            cr22-app-kbruch.png   1.1
>   A            cr48-app-kbruch.png   1.1
>   A            cr64-app-kbruch.png   1.1
>   A            crsc-app-kbruch.svgz   1.1
>   M            cr16-app-kbruch.png   1.2
>   M            cr32-app-kbruch.png   1.2

Why do you not ask me before you do such commits? I mean I'm the author of
KBruch, so it would be really nice if you respect my work.

Actually I don't like the new icons, because they have so few colors and
even black. Do you want to scare away possible users? What is the benefit of
the new icons? If you can not come up with a good explanation, I will revert
your commit.

KBruch:  application to automatically generate tasks with fractions
Package: KDE Edu in KDE (http://edu.kde.org/kbruch/)
CVS:     kdeedu/kbruch
State:   finished, no known bugs

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