[kde-edu]: Possible legal issue with KVocTrain

Roberto Moriyon Roberto.Moriyon at uam.es
Tue Feb 15 17:34:56 CET 2005

Hi everybody,

For me the situation is clear:

>Langenscheidt's argument is that the code can be used to illegally 
>modify and distribute their copyrighted material.
According to this, ASCII editors or translators should be banned, since 
they can be used to illegally modify and distribute copyrighted ASCII 
material. The same would happen with all types of programs that change 
the format of information, like image and sound conversors. It makes no 
sense to me.

>The point is that the script is used to convert "their" files which are 
>covered by copyrights and only intended for use with their products.
Copyrights do not pretend to limit which products have the functionality 
of accessing some kind of information, but who has the right to take the 
decision to do it or to allow it to others. This does not make sense to 
me either.



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