[kde-edu]: kwordquitz proposal

Vlad vovva at ngs.ru
Fri Dec 2 10:27:23 CET 2005

Peter Hedlund wrote:

> I think there is a place for three levels of programs when it comes to 
> vocabulary/terminology/flashcard learning. A kids level, an intermediate 
> student/adult level, and an advanced language focused level. I think 
> that KWQ meets and should meet the intermediate level and KVT should 
> meet the advanced level. The new edu programs in 3.5 might meet the 
> first level, I haven't really analyzed them myself.

Fresh good point.

> Work is currently ongoing in creating a general purpose library in 
> libkdeedu/kdeeducore for handling vocabulary data based on our kvtml 
> format originally designed for KVT. The library is in place, but needs a 
> lot of work. KWQ and KAnagram are ported to use the library, but at 
> least KWQ needs work to be functional again. KVT will be ported to the 

it sounds good.

> library in the near future. The goal is to be able to use the same 
> vocabulary in several programs without data loss. With the library and 
> also a future implementation of the Model/View concept of Qt4 it should 
> be easier to create interfaces of varying degree of complexity.

MVC is not a panacea. And it seems does not come to our task. I heard 
about people who push a game in the MVC. In our case you do sheet with 
all quizs. When questioned fill one question immediately comes the 
answer correct or not. Different cards will be different documents - it 
is not the porpouse.

> What Vladimir suggests (and others before him) is to separate the 
> vocabulary data from statistical data in the form of number of times 
> queried, number of correct answers, and so on. The need for this is 
> probably greatest in a school or other educational setting.

I think every user find this statistics interesting if we wrap it in 
nice reports.

I got some problem how to setup kdevelop from kde 3.4 to build program 
for kde4.

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