[kde-edu]: kwordquitz proposal

Vlad vovva at ngs.ru
Fri Dec 2 10:14:00 CET 2005

Hubipete wrote:
>>4 I want to configure how many flash cards I want to see. I have big
>>file (~3000 cards) and want to see only 50-100 card in query. This can
>>be placed in kconfig.
> I assume "to see" means "to be asked" so you can configure how many cards you 
> are asked in a quiz... I myself would like such a feature and it could be 
> combined with further changes in KWQ: we could drop the file based vocab 
> system and introduce a general database for vocabulary ( sqllite ).

I am not just asking for changes. I am 15+ years programmer. I do this 
changes for myself in the 3.4.3. I implement all things I wrote in 
proposal. Now I am setting up the kde4 environment and begin to merge my 
patches to trunk.

>>5 I want to have actual log file about all my answers. Based on this I
>>can do some research on statistics about teaching process. It seems
>>silly for me to loose this information.
> This is a very nice idea. I don't know exactly but also other applications 
> would win of a statistics modul. A project for libkdeedu??

Yes. Simple thing I am doing now is: when quiz is finished I calc 4 
numbers average response time before and today, average error rate 
before and today. And reporting: you are going to be concentrate/or not 
today, may be you got a lot new words?

Some reports that come to my mind:

- if some words are going to the first box many times means this words 
are difficult.

- average number of known words - by Leitner boxes.

- show how response time changed by date.

- estimate time of correct answer and incorrect answer and find when 
questioned was distracted.

- got dependency of how much words are going to the 1 box on the number 
of words - we can estimate human memory capacity - interesting and 
scientific task.

>>6 I want to separate the log and the Leitner box data from the cards
>>database. Actually the using of this the data is different. Look in the
>>mail list and you will see teachers messages how want to use this soft.
>>But they can not. Because of the data structure. I want to store
>>information about questioned in separate files in separate directories.
>>So I can organize class teaching.
> The LeitnerSystem is made very configurable. So it's necessary to store the 
> system to the data it is applied to.

I think this is to much for simple user. Not a many peoples understand 
the parameters of Leitner boxes, so changing them will be incorrect. 
There can be some presets.

- basing on statistics we can estimate the quality on Leitner parameters 
and change it by some presets. By this should be done on scientific level.

>>7 I do not like the storage of updatable information (like Leitner box)
>>in the XML file. XML file is not panacea for all kind of data storage.
>>In can contain statical complicate data structures, but work bad for
>>updates and transactions. I want SQL. Log data can be placed in CSV file
>>or the SQL.
> There have been efforts to unify

Yes. Just add few field. And think couple time before.

> I further supposed to Peter Hedlund the original author and current maintainer 
> of KWQ to make KWQ a kids application with an easy interface and so on... So 
> we would have KVocTrain for enhanced usage and KWQ for kids... but he didn't 
> like the idea.

Actually I do not like how kvoctrain is coded. kwordquitz is much more 
manageable. Also kvoctrain was done with big thoughts but implementation 
and how to use it was not justified. It is better to split it by several 

I like kwordquitz and it comes to my habits.

There is one problem in the interface of kwordquiz. If we setting limit 
timer it show correct answer. questioned should look on it and reply on 
next answer. But the time of reading the correct answer is going from 
the next word. Second situation: if questioned leave the computer in the 
quiz state it just mark all words as bad - this is incorrect.

This problem can be solved like it done in kvoctrain - on timer quiz 
just select correct answer.

Also I do not like tool tips on the answers to select - looked not nice 
and has no sense.

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