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Hubipete hubipete at gmx.net
Thu Dec 1 19:04:35 CET 2005


> 4 I want to configure how many flash cards I want to see. I have big
> file (~3000 cards) and want to see only 50-100 card in query. This can
> be placed in kconfig.
I assume "to see" means "to be asked" so you can configure how many cards you 
are asked in a quiz... I myself would like such a feature and it could be 
combined with further changes in KWQ: we could drop the file based vocab 
system and introduce a general database for vocabulary ( sqllite ).

> 5 I want to have actual log file about all my answers. Based on this I
> can do some research on statistics about teaching process. It seems
> silly for me to loose this information.
This is a very nice idea. I don't know exactly but also other applications 
would win of a statistics modul. A project for libkdeedu??

> 6 I want to separate the log and the Leitner box data from the cards
> database. Actually the using of this the data is different. Look in the
> mail list and you will see teachers messages how want to use this soft.
> But they can not. Because of the data structure. I want to store
> information about questioned in separate files in separate directories.
> So I can organize class teaching.
The LeitnerSystem is made very configurable. So it's necessary to store the 
system to the data it is applied to.

> 7 I do not like the storage of updatable information (like Leitner box)
> in the XML file. XML file is not panacea for all kind of data storage.
> In can contain statical complicate data structures, but work bad for
> updates and transactions. I want SQL. Log data can be placed in CSV file
> or the SQL.
There have been efforts to unify

I further supposed to Peter Hedlund the original author and current maintainer 
of KWQ to make KWQ a kids application with an easy interface and so on... So 
we would have KVocTrain for enhanced usage and KWQ for kids... but he didn't 
like the idea.
regards MArtin
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