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Uwe Thiem uwix at iway.na
Tue Sep 28 21:11:17 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 14:22, Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:

> so there is a need for such a program. Besides Linux is only beginning to
> invade schools...

This is a weebit offtopic but I would like to let you know anyway.

That isn't true in Namibia. About 250 of 2000-odd schools in Namibia have got 
computer labs provided by SchoolNet Namibia (http://www.schoolnet.na). They 
are Linux-based thin client solutions (LTSP) and all of them are using KDE 
(+OpenOffice). They range from 5 to 20-odd workstations. It's a fair mix of 
dial-up, wireless WAN (rapidly growing since April this year) and one (!) 
school with a leased line (sponsored by some American organisation). Some of 
them are so remote they aren't on our power grid but use solar power. 

We made the wireless WAN become reality by pushing Telecom Namibia to throw 
serious money (I cannot reveal the amount) at it against very serious 
internal opposition against it.

Some of the schools are out of range of everything and use radio solution.

It's a nightmare to maintain as a network administrator but it is also fun to 
do it. ;-)


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