[kde-edu]: kbruch UI

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at gmx.de
Sun Oct 31 15:26:41 CET 2004

christopher schnirch <remail at schnirch-berlin.de> [041031 15:22]:
> My daughter is using the nice KBRUCH, and there is one thing that could 
> be more user friendly: If one enters the numbers into the answer fields 
> it would be much more comfortable if you could step forward by pressing 
> ENTER. So you are able to pass through by using the keypad only.

She can use the TAB key for this. The problem is, that another user might
not understand why the ENTER key changes to the next input field. I'm not
sure how to solve this.
> Is there a chance to integrate a component that integrates the time for 
> answering into the statistics section?

Well, it is possible. But I don't like to measure the speed. I think if you
practice, take the time you need. Getting faster comes with the time. So
doing an exercise under time pressure is in general not a good thing, I
Furthermore, I don't know how to implement it. Should there be START button
and a STOP button? What do you think how to integrate this into the user

Kind regards,


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